Andrea Young

Executive Assistant at HBF

Andrea Young was hired in December of 2015 as Kent Shaw’s Executive Assistant, Andrea worked for Harvest Bible Chapel six years before joining the HBF team. She has worked in Children’s, Student’s and Adult Ministry, bringing to HBF a strong understanding of the various ministries Harvest supports. She is thrilled to be part of Harvest Bible Fellowship, and waits with expectation to see all that the Lord will do and continue to do.

Andrea married her high school sweetheart Bob in 1996, and they have three boys Kyler (class of 2018); Kaden (class of 2021) and Chase (class of 2023). The boys all have the privilege of attending Harvest Christian Academy where their dad is the Assistant Principal. Bob and Andrea have been attending Harvest since 2003, and have deeper growing relationship with Christ with each year that goes by. Each of their boys have made a profession of faith either during a trip to Camp Harvest or a message during Harvest Kids.

Andrea is a West Coast native, living up and down California’s coast as well as a few years in Southern Oregon. While she has lived in Illinois longer then she lived on the west coast, she adamantly refuses to call herself a Mid-westerner. Though she does say ‘sorry’ a lot, she refuses to call soda, “pop” and says ‘freeway’ when talking about the interstate system. She also cringes when people mispronounce Oregon.

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