Andrew Mackenzie

Senior Pastor
Harvest Busia, Kenya

Pastor Andrew is from Busia, a frontier town in Western Kenya bordering Uganda. As a young boy, he was brought up in a religious background with a hope that someday he would become a priest with the Catholic Church in answer to his mother’s steadfast prayers. By God’s grace, Andrew was saved at age 22 while bed ridden from a severe sickness. As a young Christian he was mentored by a missionary from Korea and in 1994 he planted a church in the slums of Nairobi where he met and, in 1996, married Rael Ayuma. In 1999, he moved to Limuru where he joined pastor James Omwamba of Harvest Limuru Town and in 2001 moved to Busia Town and planted a church where he is now serving as the Senior Pastor. Find out more about Harvest Busia by following them on Facebook.

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