Bhim Rasailey

Senior Pastor
Harvest Kohalpur, Nepal

Bhim was born into a Hindu family where he used to worship many Gods. When Bhim’s family would get sick they would visit witch doctors rather than going to a hospital. One day, when the family was very sick Bhim went to the witch doctors and spent all his money so that they would perfrom their many rituals. He lost all his money and no one was healed. He fell into a deep depression as a result. One day, his uncle came to visit Bhim in his house. He shared about salvation in Christ. He took many hours to help Bhim understand the gospel. God gave Bhim clarity of mind so that he could understand the message of Jesus and at that moment he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior. He was baptized in 1988 in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Praying to God began bearing fruit and the problems in Bhim’s life began to be resolved. God gave him a new vision to start a small group of fellowship. And in 2000, He was called on the ministry by our Lord. In 2016 he planted Harvest Kohalpur.

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