Cristian Cherechean

Senior Pastor
Harvest Metanoia Brasov, Romania

Cristian Cherechean was born into a Christian family deeply committed to the church. The example set by his grandparents and parents convicted him at an early age to live for God’s glory.

But it was not until he was 18 years old that he truly repented and personally accepted Christ as Savior and Lord. He has a B.A. and M.A. from Aurel Vlaicu University in the field of education and educational management. After the revolution and fall of communism in Romania, in Cristi was also trained at Youth for Christ International and the Romanian Missionary Training Institute. This experience led him into youth ministry for many fruitful years.

In 2007, the church where he served was struggling. Cristi experienced a season where his faith and confidence in the church wavered. In 2010 Cristi found Harvest Metanoia Arad. God has worked through the church to bring healing, restoration, and help for his family. Harvest Brasov was planted in 2013.

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