Iosif Marica

Senior Pastor
Iasi, Romania

Iosif is an old friend of Adi Rusnac, pastor of Harvest Bucharest; they graduated from the Baptist Institute from Bucharest together. As soon as Adi discovered Harvest, he exposed all his friends and ex-colleagues to the Harvest DNA and church planting. Being an “action man”, Iosif quickly started to search materials about Harvest and joined our Opened Doors event from Harvest Arad in March 2015. He then came back to Open Doors for a second time in September 2015. Iosif’s exposure to Harvest came in a season of life when he and his wife Paula, were looking to plant a vertical church in Iasi. Iosif graduated from the first HTC Europe class in 2016 and planted Harvest Iasi, Romania’s second largest city, in 2017.

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