Jason Matta

Senior Pastor
Harvest Toronto West, ON, Canada

Jason grew up in a Christian home where his mother’s love for Jesus and the gospel was preached daily through words and actions. Jason committed his life to Christ when he was six years old and the Lord has blessed him with a fruitful walk from the start.

Jason began serving the church in youth group, camps, and retreats. While preparing for college, he thought about pursuing a career in teaching. He received a challenge from a Christian leader to consider ministry, specifically pastoral ministry.

After seeking the Lord’s will, Jason’s eyes were opened to the call to prepare for full-time ministry in seminary. He has a B. A. in psychology from York University and a M. A. in theological studies from Tyndale Seminary.

Jason was brought on staff by the elders of Harvest Oakville for the purpose of planting Harvest Toronto West.

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