Jet Bahadur Tamang

Senior Pastor
Harvest Chitwan-Dumrekhadi, Nepal

Jet was born into a Hindu family in the Dhading district of Nepal. Before he accepted the Lord, Jet was a heavy drinker and would often argue with people in his community; he had no interest in hearing the gospel.

One day, Jet came down with a high fever and went to a witchdoctor for relief, but he continued to grow weaker. A Christian in his neighborhood shared the Word of God with him, and Jet vowed that if his neighbor’s God could heal his sickness, then he would believe in Him. 

Jet began to attend the church regularly and began to feel as good as he used to before he was sick. He continued to learn about the God who could heal his sickness and forgive his sins, and decided to follow Christ.

Jet continued to walk three hours to worship God and attend church, and wanted to start a core group in his area. Through the guidance and training of Pastor Timothy from Harvest Kathmandu and his team, many people in Jet’s village were able to come together and start a core group. This core group has become a vibrant church that is continuing to grow under Pastor Jet today.

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