Jeff Butala

Senior Pastor
Harvest Conyngham Valley, PA

Jeff became very involved in ministry while attending Lancaster Bible College. After completing his education there, he felt called to return to his home to pursue ministry. He joined another pastor and a small group of people who gathered to start a new church.

As a Walk in the Word listener, Jeff knew about Harvest Bible Chapel and learned of the Fellowship through good friends at Harvest Indy West. After attending The Elephant Room in 2010, he became deeply persuaded to join the Fellowship.

Jeff’s church already has many Harvest distinctives, and he pursued the opportunity to replant with the Fellowship. He believed that by partnering with HBF, it would accelerate discipleship and their influence in Eastern Pennsylvania. Pastor Jeff completed his residency at the Harvest Training Center for Church Planting and Harvest Conyngham was replanted on September 16, 2012.

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