Jeff Schwarzentraub

Senior Pastor
Harvest Denver, CO

As a youth pastor and traveling itinerant evangelist, Jeff has seen God’s amazing work all around the world. He is steadfast in his conviction that God loves building His church and is always at work in saving, maturing, and multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ.

Receiving his B.A. from the University of Illinois and Th. M. from Dallas Theological Seminary, Jeff is passionate to unite and build a like-minded ministry team. After multiple years of serving the Lord through an evangelizing ministry, the opportunity to plant in Denver began to take form—and the way was being prepared through his radio ministry, One Heart Beat.

Fueled by prayer, Jeff is greatly encouraged to see God at work at Harvest Denver. He believes the Lord is calling Harvest Denver to be a place where lives are changed by the person of Jesus Christ for all eternity.

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