Kedar Bajgain

Senior Pastor
Harvest Makwanpur-Ambhanjyang, Nepal

Pastor KedarBajgain was born into a Hindu family. He heard the gospel and wanted to become a Christian after receiving a tract. He experienced immediate opposition from his community, but it did not stop Kedar’s interest in following Christ.

He made a public profession of faith and was baptized at a Christian conference, a choice immediately followed by intense persecution. Kedar was kicked out of his home, had his livelihood taken, and was mentally tortured.

Opposition is no obstacle for the Lord, who led Kedar to meet Pastor Timothy Dahal, Senior Pastor of Harvest Kathmandu. Pastor Timothy trained and mentored him for nine months, then Kedar chose to return to his village to begin the work of God there.

Now leading Harvest Bible Chapel Makwanpur, Pastor Kedar is passionate to exhort others to love God with his whole heart. He strives to be an example of loving our neighbors as ourselves and living for the benefit of others.

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