Mike DuBard

Senior Pastor
Harvest Chattanooga, TN

Mike is originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Though saved at a young age, raised in a Christian home, and educated at a Christian school, he never embraced living life in a manner worthy of Christ until his late teens. At that time his desire to share the truth of God’s Word with others began to grow.

He found success in the marketplace, but was never fully content and sensed God calling him to something different.

Mike attended Pensacola Christian College, then moved to the Quad Cities in Iowa and plugged into Harvest Bible Chapel Davenport. He served as the Junior High Pastor for four years.

God was growing Mike’s desire to plant a Harvest Bible Chapel in the south, and the Elders of Harvest Davenport asked him to consider planting Harvest Bible Chapel Chattanooga.

Serving the Lord in full-time ministry—proclaiming His Word boldly and discipling others faithfully—is Mike’s greatest passion and joy.

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