Padam Tamang

Senior Pastor
Harvest Kavre District, Panauti, Nepal

Born into a Buddhist family, Padam devoted himself to Hindu gods. While at his school library, he came across The Human Heart, a Christian tract describing the universal longing for God all humans are given. Padam became restless after reading the truths the tract contained and searched for a Christian church and a “holy man” who could explain more.

He traveled 3.5 hours by foot to the nearest town (Panauti) to meet an old friend who was a Christian. His friend took him to his church where Padam was riveted and gripped by the gospel. On February 26, 2001 he gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ and was baptized.

Padam took the good news of Jesus back to his village, but was rejected there. He returned to Panauti where he was free to worship and grow in Christ. He enrolled in and completed two years of study at a Bible Training Center. He came to the Fellowship Training Center through Pastor Timothy of Harvest Bible Chapel Kathmandu.

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