Phushra Tamang

Senior Pastor
Harvest Dhading District, Lave Village, Nepal

Pastor Phushra Tamang was born into a Buddhist family and grew up around witch doctors, pagan rituals, traditions, and sacrifices. One day a man shared the gospel with him and three days later he accepted Christ as his Savior.

Persecution soon came into his life and his daughter became sick. The hospital was too far away and he didn’t want to take her to the witch doctor. The church prayed for her and after 11 days of not eating, she was healed!

A year and a half later, Phushra entered the ministry and courageously shared the gospel. Many came to Christ, but then war broke out in the country and it was difficult to continue the ministry. Buddhists came and beat them for their faith, but this only caused Phushra to pray for those who were persecuting him. Peace later came to the village and the gospel ministry continued to advance as Christians multiplied and grew in their faith.

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