Renel Lebrun

Church Planter
Montagne La Voûte, Haiti

Pastor Renel was born in the mountainous region of Montagne La Voûte.He grew up in a Christian family of 9 children. Although he was born into a Christian family, he did not become a believer right away and instead pursued the things of the world. Eventually, Pastor Renel saw the error in his ways through the idol worship and practice of voudou of his grandparents and the darkness that he observed through those practices. He became a believer on January 25, 1996, and was baptized that same year. Pastor Renel found purpose, meaning, and true life in Christ that he hadn’t had before.

God began leading Pastor Renel to serve in the church where he saw great need for believers to be raised up in God’s truth. This spurred a spiritual hunger for Pastor Renel and he moved to Jacmel where he served at Harvest Jacmel for 4 years and began his Bible degree. He began preaching God’s Word in April 2000, and was eventually ordained by Harvest Bible Chapel Jacmel on August 11, 2012, being sent out to minister to the community of Montagne La Voûte, which is his hometown.

Pastor Renel has been locked in with Harvest through his church’s ongoing relationship with Harvest Jacmel as Harvest Jacmel has continued to grow in depth, breadth and involvement with the Harvest Bible Fellowship.

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