Sam Cucu

Senior Pastor
Harvest Metanoia Ploiesti, Romania

Although Sam grew up in a Christian home and attended church regularly, his loyalties were divided. At a young age, he tried to live a double life, serving two masters. At the age of 12, he tired of this unfulfilling way of life and fully submitted his life to Jesus as his only Lord and Savior.

However, it wasn’t until he was seventeen that he understood that salvation was by grace alone and not by grace plus works. Since then he has been fully assured of his salvation.

From the time of his conversion, Sam has had an overwhelming passion to study and preach God’s Word. While at university he got involved with a student ministry and later entered full-time ministry.

After attending seminary in London, Sam returned to Romania to serve at Harvest Metanoia Ploiesti as an associate pastor. After serving as the interim pastor for a season, Sam was appointed as the Senior Pastor.

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