Scott Hamilton

Senior Pastor
Harvest Glasgow, Scotland

Scott is very passionate about bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the people of Scotland. His vision is to establish six churches in the six main cities of Scotland and change the nation in one generation. He previously pastored a church in Scotland and desires for Christ’s light to shine in a place where God’s Word is desperately needed.

Scott is encouraged by what the Lord is doing and says, “I have never seen people grow so much as they are doing in the church at any time in any church I have been part of. I am encouraged by people who are seeking to faithfully follow Jesus. We’ve seen a lot of lost, hurt, broken and disappointed people come to Harvest Glasgow and be transformed and have the temperature of their walk with Jesus turned up. Our church family is seeing that Jesus is great, they get that the gospel is vital, they get that their lives can count for God and His glory.” Scott has been the Senior Pastor of Harvest Glasgow since it launched in 2009.

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