Sita Ram BK

Senior Pastor
Harvest Chitwan District, Birendranagar, Nepal

Sita Ram BK was born into a Hindu family in the Makwanpur District of Nepal. His father was a witch doctor in their village and desired for Sita Ram to follow in his footsteps. Around 1990, Sita Ram found a Christian tract and accepted Christ as His Savior. He began to share the gospel with others in his village and had no fear even when persecution came as a result.

It was very important to Sita Ram’s family for him to become a witch doctor and they threatened him, but he refused to turn from Christ.

During a large Hindu festival, many witch doctors came to his village and threatened his life if he did not leave Christ immediately and follow their ancestors’ culture, religions, and tradition. Sita Ram’s faith was strong and he knew these things did not have any value after death. He refused to listen to them and was badly beaten. God spared his life and soon after he was baptized.

Later, Sita Ram moved to the Chitwan district and obeyed God’s call by starting a church. Sita Ram trained under Pastor Timothy of Harvest Kathmandu and launched Harvest Bible Chapel Birendranagar in January of 2013.

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