William Jacobs

Senior Pastor
SOGOM Harvest Harmonville, Liberia

Situated in Grand Bassa County, Harmonville is a farming community of around 2,000 villagers. William started his ministry in the United Disciples of Christ Church, serving as a pastor and helping many local churches without a leader.

Pastor John of Harvest Buchanan and Pastor Moses of Harvest Paynesville visited this village to share the gospel and the Lord brought great fruit. After several families gave their lives to Christ, there was a need for a man to shepherd, teach, and preach God’s Word to those in the area. Pastor William answered the call.

Shaping Pastor William’s ministry is his longing for Christ’s second coming. Life in Harmonville is difficult, and the hope that believers have found in Christ is what causes them to share the good news of Jesus with boldness. Harvest Harmonville is young and has a burning passion to prepare people to meet Christ and to minister holistically to those in surrounding villages.

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